Cakes, sweets & biscuits

Cakes are our thing! To eat in at The Tea Rooms or to take away in a lovely little box.
All our cakes are handmade with great quality ingredients for the best possible flavour.  All cakes are available to buy whole and in different shapes and sizes and we can personalise them with your own special message.

omemade ‘teatime’ cakes

Carrot cake £3.10/£23
A top seller at The Tea Rooms. We use a little banana with the carrots, walnuts and spice. Finished with a vanilla cream cheese topping.
Chocolate & almond cake £3.10/£23
Made with grated chocolate and ground almonds, this cake is naturally gluten free and has a little dash of dark rum! This one’s my favourite – Isabelle! [Gluten free]
Bramley apple cake£2.95/£21
A moist, not-too-sweet cake with fresh Bramley through the middle
Coffee & walnut £3.10/£23
Rich sponge made with soft dark brown sugar, amazing coffee essence, walnut extract and fresh walnuts. Finished with our moreish coffee buttercream.
Red velvet£3.10/£25
Our red velvet cake is a very popular Cake with a dark red, bright red/red-brown color. It is usually prepared as a layer cake topped with cream cheese icing. The reddish color is achieved by adding red food coloring.
Lemon drizzle£2.95/£16
Simply lemon…..the zest, the juice and then when baked a sweet syrup made with more zest…simple and delicious
Sticky gingerbread£3.10/£16
Sticky and spicy. Almost black in colour this cake is one of the best, perfect with tea. My great grandmother’s recipe!
Victoria sponge £3.10/£23
A classic! Sandwiched together with fresh whipped cream and our homemade raspberry jam – and in the summer fresh strawberries or raspberries. This one’s Beth’s favourite!

Sweets & Biscuits

So bad but oh so good! Made with Eurovanille vanilla extract.
Made with dark chocolate and chunky pieces of walnuts and always still squishy in the middle. This is one of Mum’s favourites, perfect with a coffee!
An absolute favourite with our young customers. With Smarties or chocolate chips.
Sticky and sweet, made with oats. Flapjacks are wheat free.
Millionaire’s shortbread£2.20
All buttery shortbread with smooth caramel and a dark chocolate topping. Pure luxury!